The Minerva Collective Brings Together people and Data to Help solve social problems


Access to the right data and the right people can change the world.

To better solve issues facing society, we need to deepen our understanding of what causes the problems, how they can be improved and who most needs help. 

Data can unlock this knowledge. The richer the data, the better. There's only so much a not-for-profit's own data can show so we need to look to data that other organisations collect to fill in the insights gap. 


With more data comes more complexity. The capacity to develop powerful projects combining data sources is dependent on supply of interested skilled people.

Different skills and time commitments are needed throughout a project's development. Increasing the supply of the right people to projects they care deeply about will enable the most impactful data solutions to be developed.  


There is a lot that can be done by volunteers helping not-for-profits better use their own data. 

However, the most ambitious and potentially world-changing data solutions need access to the right data and people to be possible. 

This is where we can help. 


our three channels


Our Minerva Collective Program helps organisations to give their employees the chance to lend their time and expertise to use company data for social good projects.


We build ready to use Data Products for Australian not-for-profits to access insights that can help improve their targeting & services to increase social impact.


Innovative projects to use data for social good take time. We work with stakeholders from government, leading corporations and NFPs to develop initiatives.

About Us

The Minerva Collective is seed funded by the team at Data Republic as an initiative to offer their secure data exchange platform on a pro-bono basis for Not-for-Profits. The founding team is made up of Michael Allwright, Whitney Komor and Anthony Tockar. 

Join Our Community

We can't do this alone. Our mission relies on the help of volunteers willing to donate their time and expertise to help us build our products and projects. If you're interested in using data for social good, please join our community by registering on our MeetUp page or contacting us to introduce yourself.